I want Smart Phone Compatibility for my Markup, can you guys do it ?

If you have order for a responsive markup, we offer device compatibility of the same. There are different levels of tests that we perform on the markup and hence various levels of compatibility for the markup. Here is an explanation for each level.

Normal Compatibility : When you opt for responsive layout for your markup you get normal compatibility by default. though the markup is compatible with all devices we test it particularly on Ipad, Iphone, One Android Mobile Device and One Android Tablet.   

iOS Extended: In iOS extended we test and offer compatibility and test for iPod Touch2, iPhone4, iPhone5,  iPhone5s, iPhone6, iPhone6+, iPad Mini (with Retina Display), iPad2 (with Retina Display) and iPad Air. This option basically covers all apple mobile devices.

Android Extended: In Android Extended we test for major Android mobile devices and tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Series Of Mobiles and Tablets, HTC devices and Sony Experia as well.

Windows Extended: Under this option we test and check compatibility with major windows mobile devices by Nokia, Acer and HTC.

Max Mobile Compatibility: Max mobile compatibility includes device testing and compatibility for all above mentioned mobile devices. 

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